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Araxos Airport

noki on News - Flughafen Araxos - Patras ist in der Gemeinde Dytiki Achaia (West der Präfektur Achaia ) , nur 45 Kilometer von der Innenstadt von Patras und 260 Kilometer von der griechischen Hauptstadt Athen. Der Flughafen arbeitet das ganze Jahr über , vor allem die Wartung Privatjets im Winter. Im Herbst und i

Athens Airport Taxi

seogr on News - When exiting Athens Airport you will find taxis waiting between Exit 2 and Exit 3 at the arrival level. You should get in the queue and when your turn comes, the policeman in charge for the queue will signal you to get into the next available taxi. The fare from Athens airport to Athens centre is f

Δικηγορικο γραφειο Γεώργιος Δ. Μέλλιος & Συνεργάτες

seogr on News - Δικηγορικο γραφειο Γεώργιος Δ. Μέλλιος & Συνεργάτες, πληροφορίες για το δικηγορικο γραφειο, υποθέσεις εμπορικού δικαίου, αστικού, πνευματικά δικαιώματα

Kyllini Beach Resort

seogr on News - Kyllini Beach Resort
The pleasant wind of Greek hospitality blows in the resort on the West coast of Peloponnese.

Wonderful gardens, a 11 km long, fine sandy beach and natural, distinctive dune landscapes - the nature around and Kyllini Beach Resort enchants and leaves no wish unfulfilled.

Katakolon to olympia bus

seogr on News - At Katakolon port, one can find taxis waiting to drive cruise ship passengers to their chosen destination. It is best to inquire any relative information at the information kiosk. When there is no ship in port, taxis return to their base in Pyrgos.
Katakolon buses

Public buses run from Katakol